Take-aways from the recent Amazon Kinesis outage that can help us build better systems. No rants!

Personal Development

Lessons that have helped me in my personal & professional development

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Software Engineering

Using ArgoCD and other AWS services like CodeCommit, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, Amazon EKS

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Container Orchestration

One size does not fit all. Pick from Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, Nomad, Amazon ECS, Apache Mesos + Marathon (or DC/OS), etc.

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Kubernetes’ Popularity

GitHub stars or forks may not be the right yardstick to measure the popularity of Kubernetes, but it definitely gives an idea of its popularity given…

AWS Security

Using Amazon Macie, AppFlow’s Slack integration, CloudWatch Events to detect & notify on sensitive data leaks in Slack channels

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Let Us Consider An Interesting Data Leakage Scenario

Software Delivery

Why Is GitOps Powerful? Key Considerations Before Embracing GitOps.

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AWS Networking

Deep-dive troubleshooting of AWS Security Groups and Network ACLs. What you should know to troubleshoot? And, a few useful networking utilities.

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AWS Security Group

In this context, we’ll refer…

AWS Networking

A reference HA architecture with AWS networking services and components, without single points of failure, and other considerations

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A Quick Detour -

It is important to have an understanding of AWS accounts and how various account structures can help to…

Tech Quick Bites

Learn the key concepts, features and basic commands of HashiCorp Consul

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What Is Consul?

From HashiCorp’s documentation:

Tech Quick Bites

Learn the key concepts, features and basic commands of HashiCorp Vault

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What Is Vault?

From HashiCorp’s documentation:

Bideep Bezbaruah

Principal Engineer | Architect | Product & Platform Engineering @SAP |

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